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A netball one-stop-shop where you will find a library of easy to navigate resources and training programs to help you on your netball journey.



Welcome to Nardelli Online, a resource built on over two decades of knowledge and experience gained working with netball coaches, athletes, clubs and associations. Whether you are a novice coach putting your hand up to assist with a local team or a more experienced coach looking for some inspiration, here you you’ll find a library of easy to navigate resources to help you on your coaching journey.

Our resources are designed to cover all aspects of coaching from teaching skills and delivering drills to providing feedback and assisting with reducing the risk of injury in our athlete population.

Being a coach is so rewarding but it can be a tough gig, too! While we all get into coaching due to our passion and want to assist athletes develop and reach their full potential, the truth is that many of us are time poor and can, at times, struggle for inspiration. Nardelli Online provides everything you need to be a confident and knowledgeable coach who delivers meaningful, comprehensive and engaging training to their athletes.

Nardelli Online provides you with the tools to take your coaching to a new level, giving you confidence that you are delivering quality programming to your players. Our resources save you time and stress as you plan your training sessions with all facets covered. Keep players engaged, use up-to-date teaching methods and find inspiration for your next session!

Behind Nardelli Online are Lauren and Rob Nardelli, two passionate netball coaches who have devoted decades to working with athletes and their coaches and clubs. They have delivered face-to-face coach development workshops to thousands of coaches and now bring their programs online for coaches and clubs around the world to access.

Join us and take your coaching to the next level!


Nardelli Coaching Online

Nardelli Coaching Online

Nardelli Coaching Online
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All Categories
All Categories
Footwork and Ballwork
Goaling Specialist
Midcourt Specialist
Strength and Conditioning
Structure and Strategy
Structure and Stratgey
Tournament Fueling

Tournament Fueling

Front Hold Basics

Front Hold Basics

4 Point Straight Lead Drill #2

4 Point Straight Lead Drill #2



Content for both coaches and players. Learn the skills of netball and what to look for when executing and/or teaching them.

Club & Coach Resources

Resources that can help to make life a little easier and guide clubs and coaches in the management of their teams.

Footwork and Ball Work

Library of videos to help build competancy in these areas


Players can follow our training sessions at home or the local court. Coaches, use these programs with your own teams.

Specialist Training

Delving a little deeper into positional specific skills and strategies.


Contact us for opportunities to be development by us in-person. For coaches, clubs and players.

Strength & Conditioning

Warm ups, cool downs, injury reduction, fun games, nutrition

Structure & Strategy

Centre passes, throw ins, trasnition, working in units/


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